Information on Healthy Eating and Successful Weight Loss when you suffer with PCOS.

PCOS sufferers have a slower metabolic rate than non-sufferers. This is now a fact confirmed by many Consultants, doctors and health experts. Because of this, a high percentage of sufferers struggle to lose weight. The figures are 20% of PCOS sufferers do not struggle with their weight, whilst 80% do. The tips that follow have worked for PCOS sufferers that have come to me as clients; they can work for you.

Late evening, make up a glass of boiling water, add a thin slice of lemon to the water. Cover and leave to cool overnight. As soon as you wake-up, drink the water. This will hydrate your system after a night’s sleep. The lemon water will also detox the system, is excellent if you have stubborn bowels and the lemon, being nature’s natural cleanser will help with any skin problems.

Eating small and often is much healthier for PCOS sufferers. Having six small meals each day, is much better than three larger meals.

Most PCOS sufferers are ‘carbohydrate sensitive’, which means that, because of your PCOS, your body cannot cope with starchy, sugary or high-carbohydrate food. If you eat this type of food, it can make you crave more, hence the reason that PCOS sufferers go on a ‘binge’. Your are best keeping to a low-fat, low-sugar, low-carbohydrate, protein diet, with a balance of fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of nibbles. Personal diets can be prepared if you wish.

Organic vegetables and fruit are better than ‘normal’ vegetables and fruit.. The reason is that as a PCOS sufferers you are very sensitive to chemicals because of your hormone or chemical imbalance. Food that contains chemicals is best avoided. If you are unable to buy or cannot obtain organic fruit and vegetables, please try the following tip:- Wash all fruit and vegetables in a solution of one part cider-vinegar to twelve parts water, then rinse in filtered water to remove the vinegar odour. This can help to remove a good percentage of the pesticides and chemicals that are sprayed onto food whilst growing.

Please try to avoid processed or prepacked foods, that contain preservatives and colourings. Again, for the reason mentioned above, it is healthier to have fresh foods, whenever possible.

Do not fall into the ‘low-fat’ trap. A considerable number of low-fat products are very high in sugar and will certainly not help your slimming or healthy eating programme.

Try to drink lots of fresh, filtered water. It will detox the system and can reduce fluid retention problems. NEVER drink from plastic containers or cans. They contain chemicals and your chemical imbalance will be heightened.

NEVER eat meals that have been microwaved in their plastic containers. Again, please remember, you have a chemical imbalance and introducing more chemicals will slow up your healthy eating plan. Remove the food from the plastic container, place in a glass container before you microwave. This will be much healthier.

Try to eat plenty of cucumber and peppers, as ‘nibbles’. They contain lots of vitamins and will help you to enjoy a healthy diet plan.

If you have been taking Metformin for over twelve months, this medication can, in some PCOS sufferers deplete the body of B Vitamins, which are essential for good health. You need to replace these vitamins by eating lots of ‘what we call’ BURNS. Burns are tiny pieces of protein food, which are eaten in tiny amounts every 15 minutes. Not only will they improve the Vitamin B level in the body, but will help the struggling PCOS slimmer to shed unwanted pounds.

Some PCOS sufferers have serious fertility problems. Please remember that, if you are overweight and you want to conceive a baby, consultants now agree that losing weight healthily, with a well-balanced diet, that provides all the vitamins that you need, will improve your chances of conceiving. Figures show that just losing 24 lbs, if you are seriously overweight, can improve your chances of conceiving very considerably.

Take plenty of exercise. It does not have to be strenuous. Walking, swimming and doing the exercises on this website will make a big difference. Always exercise on an empty stomach (after your lemon water) for the best results. Exercising after food when you have PCOS can turn the foods that you have eaten into sugars. This is because of your insulin and hormone imbalance. Better to exercise, gently, on an empty stomach. Five minutes a day is all that is needed, initially.

Regularly changing the food you eat will improve your weight loss and stop you getting bored. Having a different breakfast, lunch, evening meal and supper each day, will help. Eating a mid morning and mid afternoon snack will improve your health and weight loss. Going for long periods of time without food will result in your sugar-level dropping and you can get cravings for sweet foods.

PCOS sufferers who are overweight need a personal diet working out to suit their metabolism and these diets need to be changed regularly. Counselling and support from experts who know about the symptoms of PCOS are also vital. More advice can be given on individual diets if you email our experts.

Deep breathing exercises are also very important to PCOS sufferers. Taking deep breaths, by inhaling to the count of five, holding for two seconds, and then exhaling to the count of three, will not only expand your lungs, but can improve your circulation, sending oxygen to the brain and making you feel fitter and healthier. Trying these breathing exercises every morning before you get out of bed, will give you a good start to the day. You can also try the exercises if you find difficulty sleeping. Our PCOS sufferers assure us, that they really do work.

At all costs avoid sugar. Please remember that, you can have an insulin problem when you suffer with PCOS, and eating sugar can aggravate the problem. It is much better to use the ‘sugar – free’ alternatives. If you want some ideas or recipes, please email our experts for help, and we can send you our recipe books.

More tips will be added as we expand the website, but please remember that, we have been studying PCOS and all related problems and symptoms for some considerable time now. If you need an answer to a particular problem, please email. We will do all we can to help.