If you are on any kind of diet plan, please measure everything carefully. Your milk allowance, your fat allowance and your fruit allowance. Please don’t guess, because you could slow down your progress.

Ladies with PCOS can suffer with fluid retention. Slice thinly and soak 3″ cucumber, in cider vinegar, each day. Eat whenever possible, during the day. Cucumber is a natural diuretic and will help to prevent fluid retention problems. If you don’t like vinegar, or have arthritis problems, use 4″ cucumber – no vinegar.

Be careful with your exercises. They are important. Start by doing each exercise 10 times each, just before bed, every night. After the first week, you can increase to 15 each night, then the third week 20. Exercises tone-up, burn up calories and remove toxins from the body. This helps sufferers of PCOS. Exercises are better when performed on an empty stomach, before breakfast and just before bed. Research has proven that gentle exercise is good. Those show on this website are suitable. Walking and swimming are also good. Do not do strenuous exercise, it can turn fat to muscle, and makes losing weight much more difficult.

When you suffer with PCOS, you have a hormone imbalance and an insulin deficiency. Eating small amounts of protein, the size of your small finger nail, will give you lots of B vitamins and will stop you feeling hungry, helping you to lose weight and become healthier .

When you suffer with PCOS, you have a slower metabolism than non-sufferers, so it is important that you eat small and often. Splitting four meals into six smaller ones, will stop you feeling hungry and help if you want to lose weight. You need to change the food you are eating regularly, in order to keep your metabolism working well.

When your body has adequate amounts of vitamins and you keep to a healthy eating and lifestyle plan to suit your metabolism, you will start to feel healthier. If you have a weight problem, you will start to lose weight and this can result in a reduction in your symptoms of PCOS.

Please eat a tiny amount of protein (the size of a stock cube) just before bed. This will keep your metabolism work. If you follow this with your exercises and a glass of water, containing a thin slice of lemon, you will not only cleanse your system, but you will be taking a positive step towards better health.

If you feel hungry, eat a small amount of extra protein, perhaps a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese or a slice of chicken. Protein food provides the special vitamins that PCOS members are short of and it is important to include protein in your diet.

Please avoid processed foods, or foods containing artificial colourings and preservatives. This is because you already have a hormone imbalance and if you introduce foods into your digestive system that contain chemicals, additives and artificial colourings, you make matters worse. You need to keep everything plain and your fruit and vegetables as fresh as possible.

If you cannot get, or find organically grown fruit and vegetables expensive, it is important to wash your fruit and vegetables in a solution of one part cider vinegar and twelve parts water. After washing, rinse them in filtered or boiled, cooled water to remove the vinegar ‘odour’. This will help to rid them of some of the pesticides and chemicals. It all helps to keep you healthier.

Cinnamon sprinkled over plain cereal can help to control your sweet tooth. Try it, our PCOS sufferers tell us it really does work.

Try to do deep-breathing exercises regularly. Taking in a deep breath to the count of five, hold your breath for 2 seconds, then exhale slowly to the count of three. This breathing expands the lungs, sends oxygen to the brain and is a very good tip to try first thing in the morning. We have it on good authority that if you try this at night, whilst in bed, it helps you to sleep better.

Drinking plenty of water in small amounts is very good. It is better to drink eight small glasses of water in a day, rather than four large glasses at one time. This is because large amounts of fluid consumed at the same time can make you ‘water-logged’ and ladies with PCOS tend to suffer with fluid retention problems. Small and often is the answer.

Try to eat peppers, particular red, orange and yellow ones, in small amounts. Peppers contain important vitamins that can help PCOS sufferers.

Try to avoid sugar, fats and high carbohydrate foods. Remember, when you have PCOS you can be sensitive to carbohydrates, so please limit them and fill up with fresh fruit, vegetables, protein foods and home made soups.

Hot drinks and foods are better for PCOS sufferers. Cold foods and drinks take longer to go through the digestive system, when you suffer with PCOS, so having hot food helps.